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Just a big-city boy, playing his music and living by his computer, forever writing stuff with his fantastical imagination…
A little over the top??
Ya, I thought so, too. Ok.. I’m a system administrator, born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. Since the early 80’s, I’ve been writing anything from AD&D modules to short stories. I wrote my first novel in high-school. At the time, it was the shizna!! Now? Looking back at it, it was fun to write, but i was horrible. But that is how it all started.

Over the years, I run online writing guilds which concentrated on Play By Post RPG writing in a world that I created back in my D&D days, called Astelbania.

SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED AND WON NANOWRIMO 2008, by writing a novel over 60,000 words long called: Amethyst: Outer-Rim based on a ficlets series written here!

I’ve been bestowed the great honour of being part of the brother-and-sisterhood known as: The League of Awesome. Henceforth I shall bear the monicker: The Master of the +10 Guitar of Awesomeness!

“Read, Reply. Ficlet or die!” ~ Krulltar

Here are some of the series that I’m in:

Arsonist Series (With Elsha): Completed

ON THE RUN Series: Arsonist Sequel series.

Hadron Doomsday Device Series (Started by Stovohobo):


The Primal Beyond:

Jake’s Visions: Of Like Minds:

Amethyst Frontiers (NOW Completed)

On Fine Day In Hell: (COMPLETED)

YahooIM: alro613
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Favorite quotes:
“I feel more like I do now, then when I first got here!”

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