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Kayley: (44861)
One sided love is horrid, isn’t it?
lovinglife307 and moi!

The Disjointed Writings of a Loner : (38500)
A lonesome writer, a moody cat, a secretive guy, and a twisted family tree. What could go wrong?
A one-girl series…

Xiaoli’s Adventures : (39164)
After a friendship goes awry, Xiaoli decides she hates spoons.
Me and g2 (la pianista irlandesa)

Series currently on hold:

Sioni and Alfred : (20904)
It kinda sorta is a retelling of Rapunzel, but kinda sorta isn’t.
Me, Ana Cristina and pinprick/Valley Fae

Minnie and … : (36889)
Wheels could never replace fully functional legs. Minnie knows that.
Me and .:band baby:.

I’ve got a different time zone, people! If I don’t reply to messages, it’s probably because I’m in bed.


This is the umpteenth time that I have actually written this profile, but here goes.

I’m a girl. I love writing, music, sweets, chocolate (chocolate!) animals, learning things, horseback riding, reading, and Lord of the Rings!

I’ve decided to make this a ridiculously long profile that you’ll have to strain your eyes over! No, just kidding.

I appreciate all the comments and ratings you guys have given me; it’s really a lovely boost! I’m trying to comment as much as I write, which, alas, is hard, for this writer is extremely lazy.

Oh, and I prefer iced water over juice. :]

FAVORITE BOOK: A Pack of Lies, by Geraldine McGaughrean. If you’ve never read it…you’re missing out! :D



P.S. If you’d like to start a series with me, just drop a note with a link; due to my over-online-politeness, I might sequel the wrong thing, or not at all if there is no link… XD

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