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I will miss you all so very much! Thank you all for the wonderful comments and notes and series on here… If you would like to keep in touch, I’d be delighted!
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OMG! ONE YEAR ON FICLETS! woot. 9/20/08
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The new blog is up and running! the FicBlog for us writers starts here:

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::gag:: school has started, which means I probably won’t be able to write much… Sorry to all those I’m in a series with!


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I have joined the League of Awesomeness. Yay! I shall now be known as the Sweet Darlin’ of Awesomeness. =D


So I have this amazing boyfriend. And I just thought you all needed to know that, because he is amazingly sweet. Some of you already know… and some of you probably can guess, what with all my sappy love stories that I’ve been writing recently. 8/10/08

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Ficleteers in love (( Tyler and Rose)) with Bartimaeus

Them ((Anna and James)) with Lone Wrter

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Eve and Dante with Never Explain

Faith and Bernard with Overlooked_Merchandise

Minnie with NightMaiden

Vicki and Mara with Nouvelle Bardot

Winter and Jay with Flute Loop

Letters from Hope with xxpinkislife23

Moving ((Brittany and Seth)) with Blusparrow

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