Whatever I write from here on I dedicate to my Beloved Mother who passed away November 30th 2007. I miss her more each day.
I Love to read and write.

I Will miss this site , It has helped me become a better writer through the comments,the notes, the inspirtational pictures, the prequels & sequels. Everyone on here has such talent. The ones that make me laugh are the most memorable.
So many of the young on here have such amazing potential, I hope you all find an outlet for your Gift.
To the verterans.. what can I say you guys and gals are the backbone, the teachers, educators and always give helpful advice.
Ficlets kept me sane and still does. maybe I will find the time to write a fulllenght novel now that Ficlets have me the confidense and skill I needed.
No class room could have taught me as much!
I lost my mother. Then my Godmother 6 mos later.
Ficlets will leave me Jan 15 and My Catholic Church will close soon afterward.
Nothing gold can stay.

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